Having established excellent cooperation with all major shipping lines and agents in collaboration with our global network, we provide the following services:


FullSea (FCL)

Full Container Loads is the shipping option which involves shipping of full container as a single unit.
For customers this is generally the fastest and most efficient way to move products.

ConsolidatedSea (LCL)

LCL involves moving goods that do not fill a container. Cargoes are combined with others to maximize load factors of containers.
Combining goods headed to the same region or destination gives customers with lower volume shipments access to ocean freight economies of scale that are normally restricted to full container movements.



We have establish a Intermodal Maritime Service linking all Iranian Ports with Iran as well as with all neighboring countries.
The service is available as Road and Rail service. Shipments are moved as bonded or customs cleared and in their original container or re-loaded onto trucks.

for any seafreight enquiry you can contact :

Parisa Khabazi

+98 21 220 40 150-151

      ext : 105